What do you do when your best friend asks you to join a small ski tour? My head said…. oh no, ski… my mouth said YES! Done deal. But where to get ski? I don’t have them and I don’t know if I will do in the future. Got the tip that Vestnes municipality has the offer to rent ski for a week for free. So I took contact and they had a pair in my size. No chance to get out of it now.

BlackSheep (let’s take the alias) was so kind to get the ski so I didn’t have to leave my job early and take two ferry tours to get the ski inside the opening hours. As I am without a car this week, he was kind once again to get me at the ferry and of we went to Tomrefjord and up towards Svartløkvatnet. Parked the car, got the gear and towards the cross-country tracks.

View over the cross-country track to  Svartløkvatnet
View over the cross-country track to Svartløkvatnet

Last time I was on ski was about 8 years ago in Geilo. So no big hopes of not falling. And so it went. First time after the first 30 meters, second time I managed to go a bit further. The fourth time I managed to turn over. But then I was down the first hill. Finally. The landscape is beautiful. Now I can concentrate on going straight ahead. We plan to take a break at the cottage of BlackSheeps grandmother.

Just to have the evidence, that I was on ski... :)
Just to have the evidence, that I was on ski… 🙂

I am not fit at all, and the cottage is not that far away. But I am happy to take a break. As custom in Norway on tour we ate an orange, a KvikkLunsj (a kind of KitKat) and had a cup of hot chocolate. Signed the guest book from our visit and out we go again, back to the car.

This time I had the choice between same way back or to take another way. Variations are nice, so we take an alternate route back. First it is only uphill, which is quiet tiring. It takes some time but after some effort I am on top of the hill. Great to have company that waits, because he would have taken the same tour three times while I am going like a snail. But it is a little bit better standing on the ski. I am more steady and don’t fall downhill.  It is not graceful, but that was not my goal.

A selfie on the track - my cap moved...
A selfie on the track – my cap moved…

I also managed the art of bum-braking. If it gets to fast, just sit down. 🙂 The last hill down to the parking lot was much better then the first meters. If I would do the round once again, I think I would manage without falling. But I already feel my muscles, that will be a nice aftermath. But it was totally worth it. The tour and  the landscape was beautiful, BlackSheep was the best company I could think of and maybe, just maybe I will consider my own ski for the next winter. 🙂

The day ended with a nice taco dinner, some TV and planning of our Pentecost/Whitsunday trip. Thanks for a beautiful day!

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