Falun – Uppsala – Sigtuna – Stockholm
Day two of my trip to Stockholm. After an uneventful drive from Norway to Sweden I arrived at the hotel in Falun – First Hotel Grand. This is not the most interesting city in my eyes. Normal shopping area, a few nice buildings, but mostly you can see that it is an industrial city. Most known for the copper mines Falungruva. Unfortunately I was to late to get a tour and will leave to early tomorrow.
Left Falun in the early morning after a not so good breakfast at the hotel (that wasn’t that Grand either). Some time before I have to get parts of my family at the airport so I took some detours.
First stop Uppsala, ca. 60 km north of Stockholm. I saw a sign for Gamle Uppsala (Old Uppsala) and decided to take a small detour (which my GPS didn’t like “Turn, turn, turn!”). Gamle Uppsala today is not much more than an old church and the Royal mounds. Check the link for more information.
After that I listened to my GPS and found a nice, central parking lot in the city. The old part of the city with the cathedral, the castle, the university and a lot of other bulidings are fantastic. Took a long walk, waited half an hour for the priest to stopp his drivel at the cathedral (it was Good Friday… omg) and check out the interiour. There is no entrance fee and photography seens to be allowed.
The city center with the shopping street looks like in every other city. Nothing special. But no reason not to stop for a coffee and muffin before leaving. Wayne’s Coffee Uppsala.
Sigtuna is a small town 15 km from Arlanda Airport. It is the oldest town in Sweden and has a medieval town center. A nice walk trough the empty streets. Some church ruins at the outer parts of the city center. I remember the city from a visit before in summertime (which is much more pleasant to travel). It is quiet nice with all the people who fill the streets, cafes with nice food, a good cup of coffee – not so much now.
Still had some time to kill and, after finding out that every started hour parking costs 80 SEK at the airport, I tried to be as economic for me as possible. That means that I sent some time in a big supermarket shopping and I did the most nerdy thing on earth – plane spotting. 🙂 Nice possibility to try my Tamron 70-300 mm tele lens. Works beautiful.
Final stop at the Park Inn Hotel Hammarby sjöstad. Got a room on floor 11. Nice, spacious rook, big window. After 2 days and 1000 km of driving it was great to take a break, meet my family and take a little walk through the neighborhood. Will post some picture later. Still have to do some photowalks in Stockholm.
How nice a bed can be at the end of a long day. Crappy internet at the hotel!

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