10.-13. july I went on a little boat trip to the island of Tautra (Midsund kommune) with two very good friends. The boat featur
ed in the picture was build by his great-grandfather and did a very good job. ūüôā

The trip was about 8 kilometers from where we started. But first we had to retur to “dock” because the motor was trying to leave our boat. ūüėČ

We used a lavvo tent and set it up close to the shore in close proximity to a house (which only was possible because the owner wasn’t there^^).

The bay on Tautra where we camped
3 days with fishing, being lazy, exploring the island (which only has a few farms and a few cottages – but those were mosty deserted that weekend).

By the way… we had no water, no toilet but good food that we were cooking on a storm kichen and open fire.

The trip home was the biggest adventure… we got more wind and waves than the boat could handle… we managed to get on land, but one thing I don’t need to do once more in the future… Scary!

Overall: It is always phantastic to be together with good friends, but as to camping… not my livestyle. Why do we have hotels and room service? ūüėÄ And my back was not very happy. City live is my live, but a day or two out with friends might happen. ūüôā





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