Day 2 of my trip to Hong Kong. Check out from the hotel with a quick breakfast. If you have seen the Hannibal movies, where the wild boars were starved and then used to kill people – that is what happened with the three Chinese groups that where in the same hotel and the buffet. 🙂 The buffet was not that good, so I chose to have a better breakfast at the lounge. Thaks to my SAS Plus ticket I can go in there. Nice place to chill before the flight.

Off to Stockholm airport Arlanda. A short 40 minutes flight. Again a fast visit to the lounge here before I have to go through passport control an into the outside Schengen area of the airport. Nice big Airbus A330-300. The boarding is smooth and I can take a nice, comfy seat in the SAS Plus cabin. Nice with a lot of legroom, wider seats and big screens for entertainment. Unfortunately the number and selection of movies and series is quit bad. Seen better with other airlines.

Nice seats in SAS Plus
Nice seats in SAS Plus

Food is served not to long after takeoff (chicken, rice and veggies) and then the crew tried to trick us into believing that it is night by switching off the lights. But you can’t fool my body at 19:00 to think it is night and I should sleep. I tried but there was no way I could sleep. It was more a rest with closed eyes for 3 hours. This will be a long day. Flight over Russia and Mongolia and then China. The sun is rising when we approach Hong Kong ant the planes takes a long swing over the ocean to land on time (7:20 local) at the airport.


Sunrise over China
Sunrise over China


The immigration papers are filled out and the process of entering HK does not take any time at all. But no stamp in the passport, just a small piece of paper – bummer. Have to use my stapler to attach it to my passport. 🙂

Next is the way to the hotel. But that is part of my first day in Hong Kong. Next time on the blog.

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  1. Must be longer days in the east, here it’s been 10 days since you posted day 1 updates 🙂

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