After the long day and the bad end of the day, I tried to sleep in – which of course doesn’t work. So I read a little bit before going to breakfast. No big plans for today. I want to buy my tickets for the bus trip and the train ride this week. The station and buss station are close to the hotel.

Today my pockets are empty. I just take the most important things with me (mobile and some money). No reason to take a risk here. At the station I buy a train ticket to Casablanca the 16th of November. Of course they don’t accept cards, so I have to get money and get back in line. 1st class tickets return for about 300 DH.

Next the bus ticket to Essaouira tomorrow. I find a Super Comfort bus leaving at 9 and returning at 17. That leaves me 4 hours in the town and a comfy way of traveling. 220 DH for that and I have all my tickets.

The one geocache I try to find is gone. So what to do the rest of the day? I see a open roof bus like in many other cities for sightseeing. The first stop is not far away so I decide to take the trip. 200 DH for two days (a little high price compared to other things here, but OK). The bus has two different routes. I start with the green one towards the palmary, getting some impressions of the outer city, the golf courses an all the palms northeast of the city. A nice tourist trap where you can ride camels and quads. Good I didn’t book something like that.

We end up at the starting point where I change to the main line, going through the rest of the city. Great weather and some breeze make it a good trip. I stop at the mall to check out the shops and to buy some drinks and snack for the next day. Nothing great in the Mall. Very empty. No people, only a few shops. Taking the tour bus further on the round, listening to the explanations. A little bit over an hours does it take. The traffic is crazy… In the end I finish where I started.

It is time for dinner and on Tripadvisor I find a small restaurant called Cafe Mama Africa. Very cosy place. Not big and very reasonable prices. I go for some chicken and rice, olives and bread is always the first thing you get (I don’t like olives, but here they taste great). Non alcoholic drinks (Yummy) and after a nice dinner I go home to the hotel. Tomorrow will be an early day (like all days^^). I have to recharge my stuff.

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