WHAT THE F*** is my neighbor doing with his terrible alarm clock. I just managed to fall asleep. And why doesn’t he stop the alarm????

Wait… the sound is special. It seems to come from my room and there is another sound… Not easy to wake up and find out what is happening. Someone pulling a cat at its tail? No… SHIT… this is the fire and evacuation alarm from the hostel. It is 23:20 in the night. What to do now? Wake up! Shoes… good idea… Shirt… yes please… it is cold so my coat… purse/keys and passport… mobile phone and then follow the signs to the exit. People in pajamas joining the parade. At the reception desk, a poor young guy tries to get around to do what he has to do, the alarm still sounding. A drunk guy babbling that they were smoking in their room and he is so sorry… WTF? But nothing we can do. Just wait downstairs – not outside – much to cold.

On the opposite site of the water you can see blue lights flashing on their way passing Gamla Stan and the Royal palace to Skeppsholmen.

The fire department has arrived at the hostel
The fire department has arrived at the hostel

Knowing the alarm is not real, you hope that you can go back to bed (have to get up at 5:15). After a short check we can all go back in and to bed. The drunk guy at the reception offers me a Coke to apologize. He should save his money – the alarm should cost him about 15.000 SEK as clearly stated in the rooms. Hope they made him pay.

Takes some time to get to sleep again. Adrenaline still pumping in the body.

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